Rainbow Smores

It is all about the viral and trending
food! A popular choice for dessert
melts in your mouth!

Amaze your guests with these colourful dessert!

Tutu Kueh

Small steamed cake with ground
peanuts filling which served as a
heritage snack that can be
commonly found in Asia

Ice Cream

Bringing back the olden
days of your top favourite
ice cream


Famous Churros dipped
with several sauces which
makes you wanting to go
for more!

Cup Corn

Serve the traditional cup corn with
the finest quality alongside with
salt and creamy butter.

Nacho Cheese

Feasting on the warm Nacho
Chips with the savoury smooth
Nacho Cheese, delicious!

Hotdog Bun

The fast and furious meal
to go to! What are you waiting for?

Kacang Puteh

Bring back the classic
snacks of Kacang Puteh.
We will serve you in the
paper cones back to the

Candy Floss

Add a little sweetness to your
event with these snacks! It is an all
time favourite for both children
and adults.


Enjoy the irresistible crunch of
our freshly popped popcorn,
perfect for a delightful snack at
any event!

Muah Chee

Nowadays, it is difficult to
find the traditional Muah
Chee. Nevertheless, we
are able to bring it to you
at your event!

Ding Ding Tang

Ding Ding Tang Candy is
one of the most popular
candies which can be
found in Singapore’s
Pasar Malam!

Ice Kacang

This traditional Asian dessert, also
known as “ABC” (Ais Batu Campur).
Perfect for beating the heat and
satisfying your sweet tooth!

Sng Bao

Indulge in this nostalgic treat
and savor the cool, sweet
sensation that has delighted

Soya Bean

Perfectly balanced and
rich in protein, our Soya
Bean drink is a healthy
and delicious way to stay
hydrated and energized.


Perfectly sweet and
refreshing, Bandung is an
ideal choice for any
occasion, from festive
celebrations to a simple
cool-down on a hot day.

Is there something you need that isn’t not listed above?