Fringe Activities

Face Painting

Armed with their Magic Brushes, our Merry Wizards
will transform you and your guests into ANYTHING
which your hearts desire!


Add a touch of humor and creativity to your event
with our professional caricature services! Our
talented artists are ready to capture the essence of
your guests in a fun and unique way, creating
unforgettable keepsakes that everyone will cherish.

Each caricature is a personalized masterpiece,
capturing the personality and distinctive features of
each individual in a playful and exaggerated style.

Animal Kiddie Rides

Our Motorized Animal Kiddie Rides offer an
enchanting experience that sparks the imagination
and ignites the spirit of adventure in every child.
From majestic unicorns and friendly dinosaurs to
speedy race cars and adorable animals, there’s a ride
for every little explorer to enjoy.

Balloon Sculpture

Transform your event into a whimsical wonderland
with our enchanting balloon sculptures!

Our expert balloon artists are masters at twisting and
shaping balloons into incredible works of art,
creating a magical atmosphere that will delight
guests of all ages.

Glitter Tattoo

Add a sparkle to your event with our dazzling glitter tattoos! Perfect for all ages and any occasion, our glitter tattoo services provide a touch of glitz and glamour that will leave your guests shining with joy.

Air Brush Tattoo

Similar to Glitter Tattoo, Air Brush Tattoo brings an element of artistry and fun to your event with our stunning airbrush tattoos! Perfect for any occasion, our airbrush tattoo services offer a unique and exciting way for guests to express themselves with stylish, temporary body art.


Add a touch of elegance and tradition to your event with our exquisite henna services!

Perfect for any celebration, our professional henna artists bring the ancient art of mehndi to life, creating beautiful and intricate designs that
captivate and enchant guests of all ages.

Photo Booth

Step into the spotlight and capture unforgettable
memories with our premium photo booth experience!
Perfect for parties, corporate events, and more, our
photo booth services offer a fun and interactive way for
guests to create lasting keepsakes while adding a touch
of excitement to any occasion.

Choose from a range of photo sizes to suit your
preferences and event theme. Whether you prefer
standard prints, oversized pictures, or wallet-sized
souvenirs, we can customize the size of your photos to
ensure they’re just right for framing or sharing.


Elevate the excitement and charm of your event with
our delightful mascot services! Our professional
mascots are ready to bring joy, entertainment, and
unforgettable memories to guests of all ages, making
your celebration truly special.

Choose from a wide variety of beloved characters,
from classic favorites to modern icons, to match
your event’s theme.

Craft Booth

Our Craft Booth offers an exciting array of creative
projects, including tote bag design, garden keychain
making, terrarium crafting, and so much more!

Our activities can be customized to suit any occasion
or theme, whether it’s Chinese New Year, Halloween,
Christmas, or any other festive event.

This includes:
Science Craft Workshop
Arty Craft Workshop
Parent & Child Workshop
Upcycling Workshop

From themed designs to seasonal embellishments,
we’ll tailor the crafting experience to match your
celebration perfectly.