Event Management

We Plan, You Play.


Physical  |  Virtual  |  Hybrid 


Information Gathering

  • Provide responses to inquiries within 1-2 working days
  • Arrange client meetings to comprehend your needs and expectations

Concept Theme Development

  • Perform Site Recce
  • Evaluate Event Specifications and Requirements
  • Convene Internal Event Buddy Team Discussions
  • Engage in Ideation and Brainstorming sessions
  • Verify Talent Availability

Project Proposal

  • Present Event Proposal Concept to Client
  • Outline Project Timeline
  • Revise Proposal according to Client’s feedback
  • Conduct Final Project Presentation

Event Execution

  • Prepare Event Materials
  • Talent Management Confirmation
  • Conduct Progressive Updates with Clients
  • Event Implementation (inclusive of Floor Coordinator)


Immerse yourself in the excitement of our physical events! From vibrant festivals to elegant soirées,
our gatherings are crafted to create unforgettable moments and foster connections. Join us for a
celebration where every detail, from decor to entertainment, is designed to delight and inspire.
Whether you’re networking with industry leaders, enjoying family-friendly activities, or celebrating
milestones,our eventspromise a richtapestryof experiences thatbringpeople together inmeaningful
ways.Discover themagicofliveinteractionsandcelebratelife’s specialmomentswithus!

Event Management

Our Physical Event Service Package includes:

  • Planning & Execution of Event through the proposed themed ideas
  • Venue Management
    Sound System
  • Designing artworks such as e-publicity poster,
  • LED backdrop design, performance showtime etc


Enjoy exciting performances streamed live or have some fun together online with the different
interesting activities planned, all at the comfort of the attendees’ homes! Specially curated online
entertainment for the audience at home. With LIVE engagements, you would feel that you are right
thereat thefront rowof theevent.

Live Streaming

(Small Scale Virtual Event)

Live streaming your virtual event from 1 location remotely, our live stream crew can assist you to integrate your live video to the popular platforms such as Facebook. This is a simple, fuss free and affordable way to stream your event seamlessly and to reach out
to your audiences.

Our basic live streaming service package includes:

  • HD Video & Audio Broadcast
  • Technical Support (eg: Landing Page)

Live Streaming

(Large Scale Virtual Event)

Live streaming for larger virtual events, may require our specialised expertise to ensure a seamless virtual experience for your audiences. Our live stream and technical teams will ensure a great show experience.

Additional interactive integrations such as polling, live Q&A, overlays and landing page can be included to make your live streaming much more engaging.

Our basic live streaming service package includes:

  • Multiple Camera Live Stream enabled
  • Onsite encoding & streaming services
  • HD Video & Audio Broadcast
  • Technical Support (such as customized Landing
    Page & Overlays)