Festive Events


Experience the magic of the season with our festive events, where every moment is filled with joy, wonder, and cherished memories. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, hosting a corporate gathering, or planning a community festival, our events are designed to bring people together in the spirit of
celebration and camaraderie.


At Event Buddy, we have a wide selection of carnival games
and arcade games available for rental. Celebrate the good old
days, where we often visit local arcades after school or during weekends.

These machines will add so much live and fun for your event!You can create a carnival-themed event with the carnival games stalls. Choose from a wide array of our all in-house equipment & game booths for rental.

This includes:
1) Arcade Machines
2) Inflatables
3) Obstacle Courses
4) Game Booths
5) Traditional Games


While it is important to have an exciting program for your main stage, fringe activities are equally as important.

Keep your guests entertained with interesting fringe activities! Get your artistic mode on with our fringe activities now.

Activities include:
1) Balloon Sculpture
2) Glitter Tattoo
3) Air Brush Tattoo
4) Face Painting
5) Caricature
6) Henna
7) Photo Booth
8) Craft Booth
And many more!


Experience the joy of indulgence at our live food stations, where every bite is a celebration!

Whether you crave classic flavors or unique creations, our live food stations are designed to delight your senses and make your event truly unforgettable. Join us for a culinary adventure that promises fun, flavor, and a little bit of magic in every mouthful!